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Welcome to the home of me AKDirtyHeaven on the internet. I am doing this project becase I am sick and tired of seeing all the lies on the internet about the drug meth or methamphetamine that is also called glass, tweek, tina, ice, crystal meth, P, the B or speed but speed is not methamphetamine it is just amphetamine and a whole differnt drug. I think that the lies out there do more harm than good and i am not pretending to be some kinda good guy.

I know what i know because of my experiences which is not to say that i use or ever have used meth because that is not true. I learned alot of what i know from experience which is how i know that i am not puking up lies like so many of you go around doing every day. While I am not going to say everything about myself i will say this: i have plenty of money and am retired at this point.

This brings me to my next point which is that on this internet web site i will show you the main reason that meth is all over america. Do you know what that reason is? Listen up kiddies it is in the bible! It is the thing your mom and dad told you was the root of all evil. MONEY! Because of the amount of money that can be made on meth it will always be around even if it is not from america and comes from other countries. Money money money that is what makes the world go around and if you dont think so than look around you that is why there are wars and i will PROVE to you that the biggest war the world has ever known directly ties to methamphetamines.

Look i dont care about you personally and i dont care about preaching a bunch of love and hugs and kisses bullcrap to you about how you should avoid hurting yourself and find jesus or whatever hogwash. Your life is your life and if you want to sell it for a hit of crank at a time then whatever i am not judging your choices as a person. However i am going to say what the truth is here. The internet is full of scare tacticks and idiot teenagers making anti drug ads and people crying and all that crap so if you want that go look at it. Here on my web site i will be real with you and tell you what i know about the truth and making money and life in generel. Look around and make youself at home knowing that somebody has the balls to tell you the straight up filtyh truth of the whole business and that is ME - AKDirtyHeaven.

Oh and before i go if you have any questions that are not A-What is my name B-Where do I live C-Will I help you do some stupid thing or D-WHINEING then you can contact me at and i am not promising to say anything back but if you mention some detail i forgot and it is a true detail and not some numskull lie or crazy talk then i probably will put it on this website

so quit staring at this parrt because i am DONE now so GET LOST and look at the rest of the site you boneheads!!!